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Tree on Mollie's Island on Smoke Lake

Welcome to Algonquin Park Wiki[]

Algonquin Park is a beautiful place for backwoods canoeing, camping and hiking north of Toronto, Canada.

Please share your ratings of and tips on campsites, canoe routes, portages, hiking trails and places of note. Share your favourite places with others!

This Wiki is provided with links to Google Earth which, if you have it loaded on your computer, will take you to that particular point of interest on Google Earth, where you can do more exploring and sometimes look at photos posted on Panaramio.

Getting Oriented[]


In order for you to navigate this Wiki, you'll have to know (a little bit) about Algonquin Park itself.

Highway 60 (running mostly east-west through the west side of the Park) is an obvious choice for a dividing line between the areas north and south of the highway. The central part of the Park is dominated by Lake Opeongo. Then there's the part east of Lake Opeongo that includes Achray/Grand Lake and the Barron Canyon.

The Algonquin Park map shown here (courtesy of ) is likewise divided into four major areas:

  • Northwest, Southwest, Central and East

So we'll do likewise: Wiki pages relating to Lakes, Campsites and Points of Interest can be accessed by clicking on the links in the next section below.

Lakes, Campsites & Points of Interest[]

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