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Manitou Lake is a large lake located in the Northwest area of the park.

Accessible from:[]

  • North Tea Lake in the southwest
  • Fassett Creek in the northwest
  • Amable du Fond River in the northeast
  • Three Mile Lake in the southeast



IMG 6354.JPG

Campsite #5 (lat: 45.993381, long: -78.998229) is located on an isthmus on an island so you have both a south east ands northwest view. The site has an open grassy area that is perfect for suntanning. Access off the shallow water on the south side is easy.


a sandy beach on Manitou

Campsite #8 (lat: 46.003231, long:-79.001891) has a spectacular 200m long sandy beach with a southern exposure. Bring your beach chair!

Campsite 8


looking North towards the sandy beach

Campsite #44 (lat: 45.991551, long:-78.992080) has a large gently sloping rock that makes it perfect for northerly star watching.

Manitou campsite 44

Points of Interest[]

waterfall on portgage to North Tea Lake

just off the portage from North Tea Lake to Manitou Lake: These falls/rapids are located just off the beginning of the portage from North Tea Lake to Manitou Lake. The flat rocks make for easy walking through the water in August.