Manitou Lake 2


Manitou Lake is a large lake located in the Northwest area of the park.

Accessible from:Edit

  • North Tea Lake in the southwest
  • Fassett Creek in the northwest
  • Amable du Fond River in the northeast
  • Three Mile Lake in the southeast


IMG 6354
Campsite #5 (lat: 45.993381, long: -78.998229) is located on an isthmus on an island so you have both a south east ands northwest view. The site has an open grassy area that is perfect for suntanning. Access off the shallow water on the south side is easy.

IMG 6358

a sandy beach on Manitou

Campsite #8 (lat: 46.003231, long:-79.001891) has a spectacular 200m long sandy beach with a southern exposure. Bring your beach chair!
IMG 6356

Campsite 8

IMG 6351

looking North towards the sandy beach

Campsite #44 (lat: 45.991551, long:-78.992080) has a large gently sloping rock that makes it perfect for northerly star watching.

Manitou campsite 44

Points of InterestEdit


waterfall on portgage to North Tea Lake

just off the portage from North Tea Lake to Manitou Lake: These falls/rapids are located just off the beginning of the portage from North Tea Lake to Manitou Lake. The flat rocks make for easy walking through the water in August.